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SKW Schwarz is one of the pioneers in the field of legal tech. The firm founded SKW Schwarz @ Tech GmbH in 2018 to bundle Legal Tech activities across all practice areas and offices.

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SKW Schwarz @ Tech GmbH is focused on the development, customization, promotion and distribution of legal tech products and applications. We also provide specific advice in connection with the digitization of legal services. Active exchange and cooperation with legal-tech companies such as Bryter and Smashdocs is extremly important for us. We work closely with external consultants, for example in the area of legal design thinking. 

The specialised online portal Legal-Tech-Kanzleien lists SKW Schwarz among the serious providers in the law firm market. You can find more information here.

Legal Tech is firmly integrated into the training program at SKW Schwarz. In addition to our own in-house seminars, we offer our employees - in cooperation with Bucerius Law School - advanced trainings on topics such as workflow analysis, project management, legal design thinking or coding for lawyers.

The activities in the area of legal tech also include

  • "Legal Tech Meetups" - a series of events that actively promotes the exchange between lawyers, legal tech providers, publishers, companies and financial investors on various topics; topics in 2019 included "AI" & Legal Tech - find the truth and Legal Design Thinking
  • "Legal Tech Hackathon" - first internally organized in spring 2019 with the goal of developing ideas for technology-based solutions and products that make legal and administrative work easier and more efficient. (Developed were e.g.: a digital guide to standard assistance processes, a legal know-how platform for the entire M&A process; a tool to shorten the processing time of data protection risk assessments; a trade secret tool that creates sample documents and a risk analysis for users with regard to trade secrets existing in the company)
  • Use of BRYTER - a no-code development platform that allows legal knowledge, processes and workflows to be transferred into digital software products without any programming knowledge. A wide range of applications is created and continuously tested. These include, for example, a Legal Intake Tool for Small Claims, which is intended to facilitate the transfer of knowledge between departments, legal departments and law firms, as well as tools that streamline standard processes in the area of data protection. (For more information on BRYTER click here)
  • Regular presentations on Legal Tech at conferences (e.g. Anwalts Zukunftskongress 2019, Swiss Legal Tech Conference, Die Unternehmervertrauten, Berlin Legal Tech Conference, Techtalk Legal) as well as in-house trainings (e.g. at Bosch, Bombardier, IKEA)
  • Legal Hackers - since 2008 SKW Schwarz has actively supported the Munich and Berlin Chapter of Legal Hackers, a worldwide initiative for solutions and products in the area of legal technology.