Growing more global and digital, the business world increasingly converges. While our offices are located in German business hubs, our law firm operates globally. We entertain international networks with partner firms.

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In cross-border projects, we act as the central contact to coordinate all lawyers and law firms involved. Our membership in the international TerraLex network guarantees the best possible advice for our clients at any time, seamlessly, worldwide.

TerraLex is one of the largest networks of legal professionals. Featuring more than 150 firms, it is represented in more than 100 countries and connects more than 19,000 lawyers worldwide. High quality standards and regular reviews entail that only highly recognized law firms become and remain members. SKW Schwarz has been a TerraLex member for almost 20 years. Global and regional conferences, held several times a year, bring about intense exchange and quality control. The TerraLex membership is a very effective vehicle for us to respond to our clients’ international requests. Rather than maintaining our own offices abroad, we collaborate with partner law firms. We carefully consider who provides the best service for the specific client request.

Whether internationally or within Germany, we deliver quality to our clients.