Trade, Distribution and Logistics

Trade and logistics go hand in hand. Increasingly, the two fields merge. Operating successfully in this field requires observing closely how products reach customers today and in the future. This also calls for legal advisors who understand trade and logistics, devoting the necessary attention to these issues. In other words, it takes SKW Schwarz.

For more than 50 years, we have cooperated closely with AGA, one of the most important business associations with over 3,500 members, particularly for companies of the wholesale and foreign trade. In addition, we keep in close contact with other business and umbrella associations specializing in trade and distribution as well as with the industrial and commercial chambers.
This sound network and, above all, numerous client relationships with well-known national and international companies prove that we know the daily business in the wholesale and retail trade, import and export, and in terms of the logistics necessary for these industries. Due to decades of experience in this field, we are a reliable partner to cover all associated legal issues.

Our clients also appreciate us as advisors in strategic projects, frequently with an international scope: in the acquisition of companies, the setup of new sales organizations, or the development of entirely new business segments. Since the world of trade and logistics is as fast-paced as ever, individual legal solutions and frame conditions are needed. Digitization is a driver that forces many companies to rethink and adapt their business models and value chains. Such change processes need to accompanied by legal advice.
In such projects, we can rely on the expertise of our respective specialists in distribution, transportation, corporate, labor or IT law. Our in-depth knowledge of the sector creates legal advice that looks at our clients’ issues from all the necessary perspectives, thus presenting solutions that allow it to keep pace with the rapid development of these sectors.